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Spirulina (1000 tablets)

Online Price: RM 139.62

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Lo Hong Ka Spirulina Plus is produced from specially-selected blue alga species that are suitable for consumption and are cultivated outdoor by using advanced manufacturing techniques through filtration, purification, disinfection and drying.

There is no addition of any artificial components. Spirulina Plus contains abundant plant-derived protein, 8 kinds of essential amino acids, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and etc, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, β-carotene and phycocyanin (CPC) to provide sufficient nutrition rapidly.

Spirulina Plus has been considered as an important source of protein due to its rich content of nutrients and lack of a rigid cell wall which inhibits absorption by the body,its digestion rate by the body can achieve over 80%upon consumption. Therefore, the nutritional value of Spirulina is higher than other plant-derived foods.

Spirulina Plus delivers a complete, holistic and balanced nutrition direct to the 30 trillion cells in your body. This formula-enhanced Spirulina has powerful anti-oxidant properties, is rich in complete protein, full range of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina Plus can be enjoyed everyday by young and old alike.

  • Restore energy and reduce tiredness
  • Improve body immunity
  • Restore body iron deficiency
  • Promotes healthy skin, good eye health and vision.

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