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Red Yan Zhan - BNR 330g

Online Price: RM 469.81

* Price shown are not include GST

Lo Hong Ka’s Red Yan Zhan Bird’s Nest Concentrate is premium, highly nutritional and extremely rare, due to the swallow’s habitat and nutrient-rich diet producing saliva, creating a transparent red color.

Suitable for all ages, consumption enhances the immune system, reinforces energy, resilience to illnesses, effective in relieving cough and phlegm and invigorates the lungs, stomach and spleen.

Frequent consumption by women can effectively enhance skincare for a smooth and resilient skin, reduce pigmented spots, and resist aging, due to the promotion of cellular division, regeneration and reconstruction of tissue as well as inhibit loss of collagen.

An added benefit for expectant-mothers, consumption enhances the immunity of the both fetus and mother and speeds up convalescence after delivery if taken during the pregnancy period.

This range of bird’s nest has a bite to its texture.

All Natural Food, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Bleach, No Coloring.
Suitable for all ages.

Remarks:Online order only available deliver to West Malaysia.

Gentle Reminder:
Once parcel received which contains our Fresh & Natural Bird’s Nest series:
1) Please unpack/unwrap from the wrappings (bubble bag and box).
2) Keep refrigerate at chilled compartment approximately at 4° C.
3) Avoid direct sunlight or extreme hot area.

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